About Us

Drive Creativity Forward

BountyHunter drives to enable its creative community with a vast array of opportunities to showcase their talent. By partnering with top brands across a variety of verticals we are able to give these brands and our talent an additional outlet to showcase unique product ideas and designs. The common meeting ground to make this happen are brand hosted competitions. Creatives engaging in these competitions are able to grow their presence online and further evolve their artistic expression. Brands may utilize the public voting and crowd generated work to aid their insight into product development and marketing.

Our Mission

BountyHunter provides an outlet for creative talent to showcase their creativity and in turn provides companies with an additional channel to source creativity and improve marketing.

Partner with BountyHunter

BountyHunter allows companies to have their own creative competition site. They can customize the appearance of this competition and the exact way they want people to interact with submissions, sharing, and more. BountyHunter allows companies, festivals, and organizations to feature their competitions on our platform and extract quality creativity. This is generated from our quality community of people, with numerous disciplines, from all around the world.

Becoming a Creative Hunter

Our platform allows emerging or established creatives with many different talents to exhibit, promote, and share their work within a community who's core value is creativity. Roughly 75% of all successful creatives have participated in competitions before they found they really established themselves. Competitions can have a profound impact on a creative's life and future. Talented community members are able to use our platform as a vehicle for exposure. It provides another avenue for their work as a freelancer or as a bridge to their next career destination.

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